Faculty and Staff


Jeffrey Wu, M.D.

Dr. Wu has volunteered to organize the amazing group of families who are serving one another in the Christ Classical Homeschool Cooperative.


The role of teacher at Christ Classical School is to instruct, advise, train, and disciple children with an attitude of compassion, devotion, and keen interest. For the school to fulfill its stated mission of “equipping students to live lives of moral and spiritual integrity, personal and social responsibility, with a genuine passion for knowing and serving a Holy God.”

The successful Christ Classical teacher will:

  • Demonstrate a passion for the things of God and a desire to grow in favor with God and man.
  • Love families and understand the importance of the family system while deeply appreciating the structure of authority established by God
  • Possess the God-given ability to teach and the desire to enhance their gift
  • Hold a B.A./B.S. degree (prefer M.A.), in-field and credentials in classical education



As our school grows, we are blessed to have a wonderful team of educators for the 2020-2021 school year. We encourage you to come in and meet our teachers and staff, to see for yourself their competency in the classroom, care for children, and commitment to Christ.


Office Manager                      Faith Wu

Kindergarten Lead                Bethany Frigone                                         

1st/2nd Grade Lead              Elizabeth Mitchell                            

3rd/4th Grade Lead              Evelyn Eslinger                   

5th/6th Grade Lead              Kathrin Meade

Facilities Coordinator           Trent Frigone