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  • Christ-centered culture
  • Classical academics
  • Natural environment
  • Licensed for ages 2-5
  • Flexible schedules and affordable programs for working parents


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At Christ Classical Preschool, we want your child to delight in this special stage of life! The joyful exercise of curiosity, exploration of nature, musical expression, games, rhymes, and play are built on a solid Christian and academic foundation. Our program provides a thorough yet gentle support system for your child as he or she begins the transition to a more formal academic career. We integrate hands-on learning and play-based experiences with developmentally appropriate math and literacy curriculum to cultivate a sense of wonder. We emphasize character development and social skills as the children learn through stories, songs, and activities. Everything is taught by a loving staff from a Christian point of view.


At Christ Classical, we love stories. A well-crafted, artfully-told story provides food for the child’s developing imagination. So, we feast on great stories throughout the day. While we draw from a variety of classics in children’s literature, many of our materials derive from the greatest story ever told in God’s inspired Bible. In all cases, we look for books with rich language, beautiful illustrations, and compelling stories that communicate wisdom for life in age-appropriate ways. In particular, we use Bible stories to introduce students to the person of Jesus Christ and God’s grand story of redemption. Thus, great stories awaken wonder, instill wisdom, and turn our hearts toward worship. 


In addition to reading great stories, we take advantage of our beautiful country setting to cultivate wonder through outdoor play and exploration. Our students extend the learning space to the outdoors all year long as they look for bugs, observe trees, collect fallen leaves, watch cloud formations, observe the changes that come with each season, identify different birds, count the squirrels, look for eggs in the chicken coop, feel the cool breeze, smell the scent of the fog covered Eucalyptus trees and much more. Our play and exploration in creation becomes the basis for future scientific inquiry and a means of understanding and enjoying our Creator. 


A classical education is directed at the whole child—mind, body, and spirit—as they learn to be more fully human, made in the image of God. Thus, we design lessons and activities that employ all their faculties of learning: listening, speaking, singing, touching, moving, drawing, tasting, and smelling. Multi-sensory learning naturally integrates all the ways children experience the world around them, and the result is discovery and delight. Students learn to touch bark to feel its varying texture while looking up to see its patterns of branches and leaves. They use manipulatives and treasure hunts in the sand to count or create patterns in math. They listen and dance to music, practice writing in sand and salt trays, build items out of play dough during centers time, and more. This hands-on approach trains students to love learning, a crucial foundation for future classroom instruction.


The classical tradition believes that education is not just about imparting the mind with knowledge but more fully about the formation of a person: the shaping of one’s character and what one loves. Habits serve as a positive and powerful tool in this soul-shaping process. Therefore, we do not just teach students but train them in habits of relationship and habits of learning. Students learn to sit quietly, listen attentively, obey cheerfully, forgive and make amends, ask politely, give generously, observe carefully, and speak kindly. Each day begins with habits of prayer, Bible reading, and singing. The example of our teachers and the pattern of our day direct students toward the joyful embrace of that which is most valuable in life, namely Jesus Christ our Creator, Redeemer, and Friend.


Christ Classical students enjoy time every day for structured and unstructured play, not as an escape from learning but as an integral part of it. Through play, students learn to flex both their muscles and their imaginations as they exercise fine/gross motor skills and a budding language. We play indoors and outdoors, in small groups and all together. Students build castles with wooden blocks, create watercolor paintings, make a dinner with play food, conquer Goliath on the playground, flit around as butterflies, and more. Play is also incorporated throughout the day as students work together to act out favorite books, pretend to travel to the places they learn about, and imagine they are animals in their habitats. They learn to play group games during PE, play various instruments during music, and play with colors and textures in art. Play provides the space for their imaginations to flourish and the context for training in cheerful obedience, kindness, generosity, patience, and self-control.

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